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We are a family-owned business and have been providing exceptional service to our clients since 1995. Raised in West Texas, Jessica moved to the Rio Grande Valley in 1989, after attending Angelo State University. She continued her education in Mexico and is currently living in Harlingen.

Jessica, her husband Jay, and a team of experts are dedicated to providing professional, ethical and compassionate services to clients in the Rio Grande Valley. Jessica is a member of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA).


I live out of state and needed someone…
"I live out of state and needed someone to help me sell my parents' belongings when they sold their house. I found Jessica's attractive website and she responded quickly to my email. She met with me during a brief visit to Harlingen, and I felt like my parents' cherished belongings would be handled by a very professional and competent old friend. She stayed in contact with me throughout the process. She knows how to market what she sells, and knows the worth of each item, from something of seemingly little value to the most precious antiques. She had a wonderful rapport with my elderly dad, too. She was able to predict close to what we would get from the sale, and she accomplished getting us even more. Two days after the sale, the house was clean, the belongings were gone, and the money was in my parents' bank account. Thanks to Jessica and her crew for making this life transition easy for our family!"
~ SavvySeller

Jessica and her team come highly recommended...
"Jessica and her team come highly recommended. We had a difficult situation with my Aunt's home being located in Texas and the rest of the surviving family being located in Maryland. Jessica and her team were very flexible and easy to work with given the circumstances, and took care of absolutely everything for us. She is kind and professional, and we are very happy with the result."
~ TPicciotti

Jessica saved me after another company…
"Jessica saved me after another company left me high and dry. I had one week to clear my mom's house before it sold. I called all over and Jessica was the only one who would even consider the job. She worked this sale in even though she already had another sale scheduled for the same weekend. Jessica and her team got everything in the house sold and had the house thoroughly cleaned in a total of seven days! Amazing! She went out of her way to help me out of a really tight jam. She is simply the best."
~ equeen

Very professional and trustworthy…
"Very professional and trustworthy service. I was quite pleased with the estate sale results and would definitely use Jessica's service again. We had no concerns and were promptly paid in order to settle the estate."
~ CharlieBandsiblings

When our mother passed away…
"When our mother passed away, what would have been a very difficult and emotional task was handled for us to the final detail. Jessica and her staff handled our estate sale from beginning to end and removed this stress from the family at a time when we really needed someone to step in and say, "I'll take care of everything". And that is what she did. Kind, considerate, shows up when she says she will and does what she says she will do. Goes the extra mile. Thank you Jessica!"
~ JBCurry

"I would recommend estate sales by Jessica to everyone. She is completely trustworthy and very easy to work with. After we removed personal items and other things we wanted to keep, Jessica and her crew priced items, held the sale and left the home completely empty in one week. During a difficult time for me, Jessica made the sale an easy accomplishment even with me being 1,600 miles away. Thanks so much Jessica and crew."
~ deborahshekey

"Very professional, easy to work with, excellent results"
~ Spirit

Working with Jessica was like working…
"Working with Jessica was like working with a longtime trusted friend. She made the process of disposing of my mother-in-law's estate painless. She was very professional and helpful at every turn. I did not imagine that someone that was initially a stranger could make this very difficult time so much easier. We all know that we were treated kindly and fairly. Our family will always be truly grateful to Jessica for all her help and her excellent sales."
~ Drthurber

Total Estate Sale
"What a wonderful service this woman provides. After our mother passed, my sister nor I, had the energy or strength to deal with Mom's home. We both live out of the area and turned the whole house over to Jessica and could not be happier with the professional and personal way she went about the sale. I had total confidence in her from the first phone call and she absolutely lived up to her word. We really appreciate how she handled everything and strongly recommend her if anyone should need this service."
~ Sharon Vinson

Great way to get rid of Treasures
"When we needed to sell all our household items, Jessica came to the rescue. We did not have to price, display, or haggle to sell the stuff, and Jessica and her crew did it all while we were out of town. That's the best way! It was no hassle, no emotional pricing, no hard decisions - just walk out and leave it in her hands and know it will be done right. If we had it to do again, we would do the same. Great job."
~ pairdonc

The perfect answer!
"I have had a wonderful experience with Jessica as she has taken the burden of having my parents estate sale for a home they have lived in for over 50 years. Needless to say it was very sentimental for me as well and I no longer live in Brownsville. She was quite professional and quick to my needs. I felt as ease with her from the beginning, turning over our much loved home to her. She kept me appraised of her progress and was responsive to my needs. I would highly recommend her!"
~ Cherlyn Champion

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